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Draaimolen Festival 2022 starts with a special openingsconcert with Max Cooper and Architect Social Club present Aether live on Thursday night September 8th. After the opneningsconcert Draaimolen Festival 2022 will continue on Friday, September 9th and Saturday, September 10th.

The address of the Draaimolen Festival site is IJpelareweg 55 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

On Thursday night our site opens at 20:00 CET and closes at 23:00 CET

On both Friday and Saturday our beloved festival site opens at 12:00h CET and closes at 00:30h CET

Tickets can be bought in our ticket shop 

Friday day Tickets

Late day ticket: €34,50

(excl. service fee)


Saturday day Tickets

Late day ticket: €69,-

(excl. service fee)


Weekend Tickets

Late weekend ticket: €100,-

(excl. service fee)

When buying a 'Family Ticket', you actually buy a bundle of five individual tickets. This way you and your 'Family' get the chance to buy your tickets at a small discount. You do not need to enter at the same time, as individual tickets can be sent to your friends.

You can sell your family ticket one at a time via Ticketswap if one of your family isn't able to come anymore.

This year, we’re working with sealed tickets. This means you can see your order confirmation and can only download your ticket 24 hours in advance to the festival.

This year we will be working with ‘Sealed Tickets’. This means you will receive your order confirmation including a download for your ticket via email, but you will only be able to download and see your tickets 24 hours in advance of the event. The main reason we use ‘sealed tickets’ is that it’s a safer way of selling and buying tickets and it prevents ticket fraud.

For more info, please check

Yes, you can get in with a ticket with somebody else's name on it. We don't check the name on the ticket, we do however check ID's because the event is still 18+

At this years' Draaimolen Festival it's possible to pay with your debitcard, creditcard or phone. We advise you to bring your debit -or creditcard so you don't have to rely on mobile service. Payments with cash are only possible by charging a cashcard sold by Draaimolen at the festival site. Thursday night is totally cashless so there will be no cashcards during the Opening Concert. 

Yes, at the festival site there are small-sized lockers available for a price of €8,- excl. service fee. You can get your locker at the festival or beforehand via the following link:


Of course! We have a wide range of different food trucks (also vegetarian-, vegan- and diet-friendly) that will serve you incredible food: from fries to falafel and from okonomiyaki to crêpes. No need to worry about getting your tummy filled at Draaimolen Festival.  

Found anything during one of our events? Please hand this in at one of our bars. 

Lost anything at one of our events? Please contact us via

One week after our festival, we'll transport all of our lost and found items to Gemeente Tilburg (the local government). You can reach Gemeente Tilburg here


Leave anything in your locker? Everything that gets left behind in lockers will be handed to Eventsafe, the company that's in charge of the lockers at Draaimolen Festival. You can reach out to Eventsafe here.

Yes. Draaimolen Festival covers two days this year, we arranged a camping site in collaboration with Stadscamping Tilburg from Thursday September 8th to Sunday September 11th. For more information please check Camping Draaimolen Festival.

Buy your camping ticket via our ticket shop.

Please note: If you buy a camper/caravan ticket, a camping ticket is not included. 


The camping site is located at Spoorpark Tilburg, next to Tilburg station. You can either bring your own tent or camper/caravan, or rent a luxury accommodation from Stadscamping Tilburg. Check out this website for more info:

The camping opens on Thursday 8th at 12:00hCET and closes Sunday 11th at 12:00h CET.

One camping ticket is proof of entrance for one person. If you want to sleep with several people in one tent, each person needs an entrance ticket.

When you buy a ticket for accommodation for multiple persons, entrance is included for all persons sleeping in this accommodation.

When you want to visit with a camper/caravan all persons sleeping in the camper need an entrance ticket. You have to buy a camper/caravan ticket in addition to your entrance tickets.

It is possible to check in late. The reception might be closed, but there is a nights watch who can let you in. You still need to get a camping wristband in the morning!

We advise you to come by bike because MOB-Complex is easily accessible this way. Navigate to IJpelareweg 55, Tilburg and you will be directed to where to park your bike. You can also rent a bike at Tilburg Central Station. More info on this can be found at:

Going by bike takes around 25 minutes from Tilburg Central Station. From Tilburg Central Station to the festival site there is a marked fast bike route. Signing will be provided. At Tilburg Central Station there will also be staff who can you guide you in the right direction.

At our opening concert on Thursday night you can park your bike on our festival site.

On Friday and Saturday we have a a temporary bike storage located nearby our festival site located at Kraaivenstraat 7, Tilburg. The bike storage is available from Friday until Saturday night and closes every night at 02:00 am. After this time the storage will be closed so there’s no possibility to get your bike.


Navigate to Tilburg Central Station. Trains ride from 5:30 in the morning till 00:38 at night, depending on where you need to go. We advise planning your trip in advance via

The festival can be reached by car. Please navigate to Grootvenstraat, Tilburg. Reaching the site you will find traffic signs leading you to the festival site.

Are you coming to the festival by car? Near the festival site, at the Grootvenstraat you can park your car free of charge. There will be signing and traffic wardens to guide you in the right direction. 

There will be a shuttle bus service departing from Tilburg Central Station to the festival site. The bus ride takes about 10 minutes, times for departure will be published later on. You can buy tickets for the shuttle bus Here (EN) or Here (DUTCH)

Please note, the last shuttle bus will leave on both Friday and Saturday night at 01:30 CET.

Together with, we arranged bus trips from different pick-up points throughout The Netherlands. Claim a spot in one of their busses! For more info on departing times, check their website here

Near the festivalsite we have a specially located place for the kiss and ride,  located at the Grootvenstraat 8, Tilburg.

There will be a special spot for taxi's. This taxi point is located at: Lambartstraat, Tilburg. 

Here are a few options for hotels and hostels in Tilburg: 

Hostel Roots 

Bastion Hotel 

Van der Valk Tilburg

City Hotel Tilburg

Het Wapen van Tilburg 

We follow a zero-tolerance policy regarding any forms of hard drugs entering the festival. 


You are allowed to bring consumer amounts of weed or hash to the festival. This means no more than five grams per person.

We do not allow pre-rolled joints on the festival site. 

You can’t take any form of alcohol onto the festival site yourself, but you can buy drinks at the bar.

Draaimolen Festival is located in a forest. Therefore, some areas won't be easily accessible for people with a mobile disability, but most will be. Feel free to contact for more information regarding the accessibility of the festival site.

Do you need to bring any special medication? Please send us your needs to We’ll need your name, phone number, medication, medical reason and something that clarifies this like a doctor’s note or medical passport.

At the MOB complex we provide easy accessible toilets. These will be located at our two biggest toilet spots and at the EHBO. For people that have difficulties walking, you can get closer to the festival grounds via our traffic wardens.

If you have any special needs, please mail us via

For all press related inquiries you can reach out to 

As of now, outdoor festivals in The Netherlands are freely accessible and are without any covid regulations for all visitors. You don’t need any QR code or negative test to visit our festival. You do need a ticket ;)

Note: We follow the Dutch regulations as they are, but we can’t tell if the regulations will change in the future.

Upon entering the festival, visitors automatically agree with our house rules. The house rules can be found here

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