DATE: 15 SEPT. 2018
TIME: 12:00 - 00:30
AGE: 18+


The Black Madonna
Call Super
Motor City Drum Ensemble
Perel hybrid
Tsepo b2b Pieter Jansen


Nina Kraviz
Karenn live
LSD live (Function, Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell)
Neel live
Oscar Mulero


Job Jobse
Job Sifre
Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers live
Marcel Dettmann
+ A special b2b from outer space ... & ...


Dollkraut BAND
Eefje de Visser solo
Oceanic live
Private Hearts Special met
Elias Mazian, Fenna Fiction en Luc Mast
Sandrien House Set
Solar b2b Mozhgan


Duckett live
Joe Ellis
Magic Mountain High live
Steevio & Suzybee live
Tom Ellis

We will celebrate our 5 year anniversary on September 15th, 2018! Expect great music, awesome stagedesigns and a day filled with love. Keep an eye on our website and the facebook eventpage to stay updated!

Tickets are now for sale!


When will the presale start?

The tickets are already for sale! Check the ticket button on top of the screen.

How much does a ticket cost?

The tickets are sold in several stages:

Lucky Birds        €35,- (SOLD OUT)
Early Birds         €40,- (SOLD OUT)
Regular Tickets €45,-
Family Tickets   €200,- (5 people)
*all prices are excl. €0,90 cent servicecosts

Where will Draaimolen Festival 2018 take place?

For the fourth and final time, Draaimolen Festival will take place at Charlotte-Oord (Tilburg, Netherlands)

Is there a timetable?

Not yet, so please be patient. But just like previous years the first artists start at 12:00 and the music stops at 00:30.

Will there be shuttle buses to take me to the festivalsite?

Yes! During the entire day shuttle buses will be used to transport visitors from Tilburg Central Station to Charlotte Oord and vice versa. More info about this will follow…

How can I get to the festivalsite?

Shuttle buses: Shuttle busses will by driving all day between station Tilburg centraal and the festivalsite.

Bus trips: Information about this will follow very soon!

Car: Via the highway the festival will be indicated with signs. The adress of the location is Dongenseweg 57.

Public transport: Travel to trainstation Tilburg Centraal , from here you can take one of our shuttlebusses. For travel times check out www.ns.nl/en

Bicycle: There will be a free bicycle stand next to the festivalsite.

Is there parking space near the festivalsite? (car/bike)

For those who come to Draaimolen Festival by bike: bicycles can be parked for free. Cars can be parked near the festival as well. For every parked car we ask a parking fee of 5 euro.

What kind of food and drinks are present at the festival?

As always we have a broad variety of beverages. The complete food- and drinks line-up will be announced later on.

How can I pay for my food and drinks at the festival?

With tokens. These can be bought at several places on the terrain and you can pay with either cash or by card. Notice: these tokens can ONLY be used during Draaimolen Festival 2018.

Will there be lockers on the terrain?

Of course we will provide lockers so you can safely put away your valuable belongings.

What is the minimum age to enter to festival?

The minimum age is 18.

I lost something at the festival, what to do now?

Lost something at our festival? Send us an e-mail at info@draaimolen.nu or send us a message on Facebook.

What to do when I lost/didn’t receive my ticket?

In case this happens you can contact us at info@draaimolen.nu and make sure to add your full name, e-mailadress and purchase date of your ticket.

Can I buy cigarettes at the festival?

Yes, there will be cigarettes available for you to buy at the festival.

Can I use tokens I have left from the festival for other Draaimolen events?

No, the tokens can only be used at Draaimolen Festival 2018.

Do I need to print my tickets?

No this is not necessary, think of the environment and let your ticket be scanned from your mobile device, of course printed tickets can be scanned as well.

Can I bring my medication to the festival?

Yes, make sure to notify us at info@draaimolen.nu so we can update the security about this to avoid possible confusion.

I am a journalist, can I cover Draaimolen Festival?

Yes, this is possible, for more information send an e-mail to jip@draaimolen.nu.

I have a cool idea for Draaimolen Festival or I want to volunteer, what now?

We are pleased with all the input we get from our visitors. So if you have a great idea for Draaimolen festival 2018, please send an email to info@draaimolen.nu.

If you want to volunteer the weeks before or after the festival you can send an email as well!

Distance to Tilburg Central Station: 10 minutes walk
Distance to festival terrain: 15 minutes by taxi

Heulvelpoort 300
5038 DT Tilburg

+31(0)13 535 46 75

Distance to Tilburg Central Station: 15 minutes by taxi
Distance to festival terrain: 4 minutes by taxi or 27 minutes walk

Dr. Deelenlaan 10
5042 AD Tilburg

+31(0)13 463 63 35

Distance to Tilburg Central Station: 10 minutes walk
Distance to festival terrain: 15 minutes by taxi

Heuvelring 128
5038 CL Tilburg

+31(0)13 535 13 55


Distance to Tilburg Central Station: 13 minutes by taxi
Distance to festival terrain: 10 minutes by taxi

Dr. Hub van Doorneweg 105
5026 RB Tilburg

+31(0)13 463 64 65

Distance to Tilburg Central Station: 1 minute walk
Distance to festival terrain: 15 minutes by taxi

Spoorlaan 362
5038 CD Tilburg

+31(0)13 542 26 92


Distance to Tilburg Central Station: 6 minutes by taxi
Distance to festival terrain: 15 minutes by taxi

Kempenaar 2
5018 TK Tilburg

+31(0)13 544 19 99


Distance to Tilburg Central Station: 3 minutes walk
Distance to festival terrain: 15 minutes by taxi

Stationstraat 41
5038 EC Tilburg


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