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On Saturday, October 22nd we will be back in Amsterdam with our dear friends from Herrensauna for a sweaty and intimate gathering. 


After two very successful collaborations with Herrensauna this ADE asked for something else, and a 14 hour long rave in the Bijlmer Bajes seems to be the perfect fit! From 18:00h - 08:00h the Herrensauna family will take control of this former prison together with some very special guests! With a capacity of under 600 it will be up close and personal for everybody involved. 


Ticket sales start tomorrow, Friday, September 23rd at 20:00h CET. There’s a very limited capacity, so don’t sleep on this one! 






Tickets are available on Friday, September 23rd, 20:00h CET.



- Doors open at 18:00h and close at 21:00h CET. No exceptions

- You cannot re-enter with the same ticket after you leave the event.

- We have a no photo/video policy. Therefore, all phone cameras will be covered with stickers at the entrance. 

- A valid ID is required to enter the event. No copies or pictures.

- We want to create a perfect ambiance on the dance floor. So if there is anyone or anything disturbing you, please enlighten someone from team Draaimolen. There will be members from our team present on the dance floor wearing a Draaimolen T-shirt who can help you if needed.

- This is a 21+ event.

- There is only a very limited amount of tickets available.

Date: 22.10.22
Time: 18:00 - 08:00
Location: Bijlmer bajes (H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48, Amsterdam)
Age: 21+