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Soundtracks For Bedroom Dancing Selected By Julie

It’s been almost a month since we moved our lives indoors, replaced our favorite clubs with an overwhelming variety of live streams and got used to seeing our friends' faces through smartphone screens. We asked Julie to select 5 tracks that keep her spirits up in these strange times of self-isolation.

Avatism - 'Self Control'

Tenacity 2018

This track reminds me of my last gig before the coronavirus outbreak. I played a 3-hour opening set at Linke Soto X Love Foundation Maastricht and the vibe was amazing. I could never find the right moment to play this track, but this time it just fitted perfectly. There’s nothing better than seeing people really feeling the track that you’ve listened to so many times as much as you do. During the quarantine, I’ve listened to this one a lot, imagining being back at that party.  

Kuf - 'Krem'


I often play this track when I wake up because it instantly puts me in a good mood. This track makes me feel as if I were at an illegal rave in an abandoned warehouse ... but during the quarantine, I’ll just be dancing in my bedroom! I love the atmospheric synths that make the track super dreamy, and the deep, rolling bassline adds the funk. 'Krem' was released on a Stockholm-based label called Arsenik Records, run by Kuf and Dold. The artists who released on this label (e.g. Sleeparchive, Oisel, Splice) always give me a lot of inspiration.

Ulwhednar - 'PIR Motion Detector'

Razor Mesh Fencing

Ulwhednar is a collaborative project of Northern Electronics label bosses Varg and Anthony Linell (of whom I’m a big fan). I found this track during one of my digging sessions this month. I love the way the tension builds up during the track without releasing it. The intense rhythmic percussion and pounding acidy bass make the track very interesting; I can listen to it for thousand times and never get bored.  


'On Request' (Unreleased)

In their legendary Boiler Room London live set in 2014, Karenn (Pariah + Blawan) closed with this track. When I heard it for the first time, I was literally crying because it’s so beautiful. I’d actually given up all hope that they would ever release it, but last week I was listening to Blawan’s live stream at HÖR Berlin and he closed with this tune! Since that moment I’m addicted to this track again. Now rumor has it that it will be on the next Karenn release. Fingers crossed!

Nuit Noire - ‘Iron Will Be Forever Stained’

No Matter The Honor

A few weeks ago, I ordered this EP on the limited "saw" edition vinyl, and I was definitely not disappointed when it arrived! They even put a warning-note in the sleeve: ‘sharp edges, watch your fingers’ - they are indeed very sharp! I love every track on this record, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be ‘Iron Will Be Forever Stained’. The track begins pretty hard and dark before opening up with a beautiful break. It puts me in a very energetic and adventurous mood.