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September Picks by Draaimolen Agency

Until the end of the year, Bandcamp will continue waiving its fees on the first Friday of every month. Throughout the past 4 Bandcamp Fridays, fans put more than $20 million directly into the pockets of artists and labels. To support the cause once again, our Draaimolen Agency residents each took their time to select 5 fresh releases that spark their joy.

Using the opportunity, we would also like to shortly introduce you to our new family member, Atilla The Hvn, and let you get a taste of his broad musical palette. Leaning towards darker avant-garde sounds with a hint of industrial undertones, he shares with us some of his recent finds, featuring globe-spanning releases of the likes of Kenyan wunderkind Slikback and Tunesian rhythm experimentalist Deena Abdelwahed.

Atilla The Hvn


Server The Ties EP [Public System Recordings]
Favorite track: 'Disrupted'

"I love the crispiness of the track with the 80’s vibe and enjoy the repetitive vocals a lot as well. The whole release is filled with some obscure vibe tracks that make up a pretty dope collection."


Alien Mode EP [Hessle Audio]
Favorite track: 'Alien Mode'

"Absolute banger, there is a lot going on but everything is placed perfectly. 'Cobwebs' to get lost in percussions and ‘Everything is inside out’ is a lovely one to listen during nighttime while driving on the highway."


Aterity [Houndstooth]
Favorite track: Deena Abdelwahed - 'Abbrejiyeytar'

"I really really love Deena Abdelwahed’s track on this compilation; it brings me back memories from my youth and Turkish weddings, where they would often play Arabic music and dance like it was their last one. I couldn’t pick a second favorite because it is filled with great tracks, highly recommend it!"


/// [Self-released]
Favorite track: 'Misery'

"Lets gooo, a crazy artist from Kenya and a HUGE album to dive in! 'Misery' is one of my favs because it has a very catchy vibe that drags you into the track. Also, love the Afrotrap vibes throughout the whole release. It almost feels like a blessing to listen to all of them, take your time, and enjoy the culture."


Grief Into Rage
Favorite track: Pugilist - 'First Contact'

"I had to put this release on my number one spot of recent Bandcamp releases. The compilation title speaks for itself - lots of powers are combined to form this ultimate release. Arabic vibe bangers with lots of variations per artist. I enjoyed discovering some new artists trough this release. Also, shoutout to the homies French II & King of Snake!"



HVC WRK EP [DistroKid]
Favorite track: 'HVR WRK 12'

"Even though 'HVR WRK 12' is the only track on this album that I really love, I still wanted to share it with you. The track begins with only a subtle rumble, and slowly different elements are being added. I love the moment when the atmospherical spacey sounds start to fill up the emptiness. After a 2-minute intro, the beat finally kicks in. The track is still evolving and building up; from deep and atmospheric to driving and tense. The moment that the sounds almost become a bit too messy and chaotic, the track starts building down again to an outro with dark rumble and noise. Personally, I wouldn’t play this track in one of my sets, because there is too much happening in it. Although, I love listening to it when I’m at home."


Redención EP [Illegal Alien Records]
Favorite track: 'La Tentación'

"This is the debut album of Tandem Planetae (Unkle Fon and Gale Talk) on Illegal Alien Records. The first track, 'El Pecado', is driving and groovy. The second track, 'La Tentación' (my favorite), is more subtle and deep, with a very nice deep rolling bassline. The hypnotic and repetitive synth, the atmospherical deep pads, and the percussion make this track perfect for an opening set."


Second Wave EP [Kepler 452b]
Favorite track: 'Horse Dream'

"Second Wave EP was released on Kepler 452b, founded by Ma Li and currently based in Berlin. Kepler 452b is a record label, artist community and a multi-location event series, combining art and rave. What I like about this album is the dark and dreamy vibe, with a touch of weirdness. The tracks are very unpredictable and a bit surrealistic which makes them very interesting to listen to."


The Lost Archives 4 EP [Audiosculpture]
Favorite track: Sculpturism - 'Electribes' (Sculpturism Remix)

"This album contains the remastered versions of remixes that have been released on label Audiosculpture between 2001-2013. My favorite track is Sculpturism's (Damian Keane, Dave Miller, Sicco Bosscher and Eddy Kreischer) own remix of their 'Electribes' track. The energy and groove from the oldskool drums make the track a perfect tool for mixing."


Memorex EP [Clergy]
Favorite track: 'Critical Ratio'

"Memorex EP is Stef Mendesidis’ first release on Clergy. The EP contains 4 energetic tracks, with a lot of ravey stabs and groove. My favorite track is 'Critical Ratio' because I really like the chords and the warehouse kinda vibe."


French II


RM12007 EP [R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings]
Favorite track: 'Gelexian'

"I’ve been really into R.A.N.D music lately. They put out an electro/breakbeat 4- tracker by Manchester-based producers Mother Of Pearls (Tom Jarmey and Ed Hodge). It really fits my sound of bassy breaks but with an electro touch. "


Kerosene EP [First Second Label]
Favorite track: 'Skindrum'

"Sputnik One is really stepping up with his EP Kerosene. 4 percussion-heavy tracks that are right up my alley. My favorite track from this release, 'Skindrum,' is a fast and thriving tune that reminds me of his other work called 'Missed Connection'. Love it."


Snake Dance EP [Livity Sound]
Favorite track: 'Ender'

"Just found out about this guy, his basslines are so tight! Snake Dance EP has a really unique minimal subby feel that I have never heard before."


Hyperaesthesia [Nervous Horizon]
Favorite track: 'Thought experiment'

"The fact that object blue and TSVI are collaborating is already a big one for me, but I didn’t expect a thing that crazy would come out of it. 'Thought experiment' sounds fresh and experimental and is actually the only track that you can preview because the EP is still in pre-order. But I can’t wait for the other tracks. The way the fast kick pattern is relating to the synth that comes in around 02:20 is something else."


Grief Into Rage
Favorite track: Barow - 'Chasing Spring'

"Toumba is the one that made this happen. Really proud of him to get such a big group of producers together for this great cause. Some of the produces who contributed to the compilation are DJ Plead, Yazzus, Hodge, TSVI are some of the names featured on the compilation. I as well contributed a track that we made together with King of Snake. My favorite track is 'Chasing Spring' by Barow. Actually, don’t know who Barow is, neither can I find anything about him. But big up to you for this lovely piece of music!"