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October Picks by Draaimolen Agency

As usual, we asked our Draaimolen Agency residents to select their 5 favorite releases ahead of Bandcamp Friday. Covering a broad musical palette, Julie shows us inside her Bandcamp collection of hypnotic techno, French II shares a portion of fresh breaky anthems and Atilla the Hvn sets up a gloomy, nostalgic mood fitting just right to the transition season. 

We also highly encourage you to give extra attention and support to POC artists and black-owned labels by buying their music today. Dig for some inspiration here.

Atilla The Hvn


You Always Taught Me Better LP [Detriti Records]

Favorite track: 'Almost With A Brick'

"Detriti Records is a label based in Germany; if you like dirty dancefloor killers you might want to check out their full release lists 'cause they sure deliver some heat. From this release, I really like the track 'Almost With a Brick', it's not about the bpm, even though I play some higher ones myself but nonetheless it's a banger. It gives me vibes of dirty parties where we could go all out and forget about everything. In these days, these tracks are important for me. I really love the selections on this release, for example 'Light in your eye' is also one of my faves from this release because it gets you dancing, even if you are lazy and sitting in your room."


Persian Pillars of the Gasoline Era LP [20 Buck Spin]

Favorite track: 'Taxi Journey Through The Teeming Slums Of Tehran'

"Persian Pillars of the Gasoline Era is a full-length album released on 20 Buck Spin label from Pittsburgh by Vatican Shadow, the guise of Dominick Fernow. Personally, Vatican Shadow already has a special place in my heart since I discovered him years ago. It fascinates me how he keeps delivering this storytelling and obscure vibe trough his tracks. Sometimes it feels like I am hearing stuff that I am not allowed to hear, as if rhythmic sounds and soundscapes gaze through my surrounding. My favorite track is 'Taxi Journey Through The Teeming Slums Of Tehran', the name already tells you the story title and the rest is up to you. Please take your time to listen to this beautiful release properly."


Heaven Inc. EP [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'Misanthrope'

"Shlohmo doesn't really need an introduction IMO. This solid self-released EP brings back both good and bad memories from the past for me. As described by Shlohmo himself, this record depicts 'latest entry on the human condition, angst and dread, and trying to find truth in this weird world. Fear of the future, hopeful delusion, distrust in power, futility, moments of escape, moments of warmth, floating above and passing through.'"


A Modern Dialect [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'We Are Disposable'

"This self-released album is pretty damn solid! Blakk Harbor is the Experimental/Industrial techno alias of the Greek artist Angelos Liaros-Copola. I was really mesmerized when I first discovered him and, being released in September, this one automatically goes to my top 5 picks. I really love 'We Are Disposable'; a rhythmic tune with very clean distortions and sweep/snares smacking you all the while the kicks and basslines guide you trough this immense track. The variety of tracks on this album fits perfectly together and is definitely inspirational for me. The cinematic approach in his music is hypnotic in a good way."


Two Moons Remixed [New York Haunted]

Favorite track: 'The Two Moons (Machino Remix)'

"I really love New York Haunted label for its diversity and the fact that you never really know what to expect on the release roster. The amount of releases on this amazing Tilburg-based label is pretty insane and something to be proud of for me as a fellow artist from this city. This remix EP contains remixes by Decka, AAAA, Millhouse, Machino, Abed Abed, and Container. You can really hear the individual style of each of the artists on each remix track which makes it the nr 1 of my top 5 picks for the month of September. As said by my hero Drvg Cvltvre, relief, release, connection, melancholy, emotion, and straight-up heavy dance floor energy are what we need while the world continues to slide deeper into this weird pandemic times. Hope you enjoy all the picks I did for the past month. Stay safe".



Silent References EP [Dynamic Reflection]

Favorite track: Linear System - 'Void Perspective'

"Silent References EP is released on one of my favorite labels; Dynamic Reflection. Sqeef opens with two beautiful ambient tracks. The titles 'Calmness of the Mountains' and 'Memories Of The Old Forest' give an accurate depiction of the vibe of those tracks. 'Stella Solaris' would be perfect for an opening set; the atmospheric sounds fill up the room - almost like you’re underwater. Leghau follows up with a bit more driving and tense ambient and techno, and Linear System ends with three hypnotic, trippy bangers. Void Perspective is dark and ominous, with trippy space sounds. The last track, 'Uniform', has a pretty long break with driving, grooving percussion and trippy sounds, and a nice drop."


Reforma EP [Sonata Forma]

Favorite track: 'Parallel Transition'

"Reforma EP is the second release on the Sonata Reforma label, founded by A. Brehme. Sonata Forma was created in 2016, but before it became a record label, it started as parties at Fuse Club in Brussels. In his interview with InDepth, A. Brehme says that he first wanted to create the musical universe of the label, without introducing the idea with too many words. That’s why he started organizing the parties, before putting out the first release on the label. In this interview, he also talks about his workflow when producing new tracks. He’s always starting with 16 bars. First, he creates the percussion, and then he builds the groove. Later on, he’ll add some field recordings, samples, etc. I think you can also hear this in the tracks on Reforma EP. The tracks are pretty minimal, but the percussion and the groove are always on point. He keeps his music very interesting, without too much going on. That’s what I always really appreciate about it. The first 3 tracks are created by A. Brehme and the last track is a remix by Peter van Hoesen."


Cement EP [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'Cement 2'

"Decoder is a Dallas based techno producer who runs a label named Codec Recordings. His main goal is to help boost lesser-known names in the hypnotic/raw side of the techno scene and release high-quality music. Cement EP is not released on his label, but just on Decoder’s own Bandcamp page. On this EP, you will find 4 hypnotic tracks that are perfectly suitable to use as DJ tools. You can download the EP for free, but let’s be nice and support this wonderful artist with a donation on Bandcamp Day ;)"



Favorite track: Franz Jäger - 'Processed Hammer'

"This is the 4th release on Hayes Collective’s new K series, which is all focused on the dancefloor. It contains tracks of some of my favorite producers of the moment such as Franz Jäger, Temudo, Nørbak and Translate. The tracks are dark, rhythmic, driving, but still very groovy; exactly my style."


Alternate Reality Compilation [Combine Audio]

Favorite track: Chinanski - 'Impulses'

"Alternate Reality is the second compilation of previously released tracks on Combine Audio, including 20 techno cuts selected by label boss Paula Cazenave. On this label, the releases explore the tension between old school techno and the more actual techno sound, combining them, and merging them into a kind of hybrid style. It’s hard to choose my favorite track from this compilation because I like almost all of them. But I think I’ll go for Cinanski - Impulses, because I really love the spooky hypnotic bells loop, battling with the pounding breakbeat drums".

French II


Pop Shock / Dry Me (The Remixes) [Intercept]

Favorite track: David Kochs - 'Pop Shock' (Baril Remix)

"I’m really hyped about everything Baril puts out and we are lucky to have him on Intercept. The Original Pop Shock is a really fun track and has been quite a hype in the past 7 months. Baril flipped it in an emotive way which I really like."

"PS. Playing 'DAT 1' by Anna Wall and Corbi after it is a really big combo."


Wicked & Bad EP [Critical Music]

Favorite track: Sam Binga & Hyroglifics - 'Bad' (feat. Snowy)

"Huge sheller this one. As you might know, I used to be a DnB DJ and my love for this music is still huge, even though I barely play it nowadays. This one gives me goosebumps. The drums and basslines are really next-level and old-schoolish. Snowy definitely gives it that extra touch. Also, don't forget to check out 'Wits End'; that's a more club-style electro track that I find really fun."


The Startup EP [Self-released]

Favorite track:'The Startup'

"Super fun tool to play, big tune that probably goes off in the clubs:)"

Ransom Note · PREMIERE: Breaka - The Startup [Off Beat]

Preorder it here.


Acid Trip [J:Kenzo Remix]/Righteous EP [AMAR]

Favorite track:'Righteous'

"I love the acid influences in this EP; it has such a nice warm mixdown and a really nice groove."


Times New Roman EP [Houndstooth]

Favorite track:'Times New Roman'

"Houndstooth never disappoints. Times New Roman is a melancholic piece of music by Scintii. This is my first encounter with her and I absolutely love her voice. The track is produced by Danny L Harle. Maybe this should be number one in my chart."