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November Picks by Draaimolen Agency

October brought along chilly temperatures, darker days, and rainy weather, but, thankfully, even more amazing music. Rounding up the month in the usual fashion, Draaimolen Agency residents each picked 5 favorite releases that have been brightening their days. Atilla The Hvn takes us through industrial soundscapes and gritty, textured oddities by the likes of Fentanyl Fantasy and Schwefelgelb, Julie shares her fresh finds of cosmic techno, dreamy ambient and sassy house featuring Alloy Sea aka Mor Elian and Jorianna, and French II serves us with his selection of UK-inspired bangers including the collabs of Martyn & Om Unit and Soul Mass Transit System & Killa P. Scroll down and listen!

We also highly encourage you to give extra attention and support to POC artists and black-owned labels by buying their music today. Dig for some inspiration here.

Atilla The Hvn


Miami Beach Witches LP [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'It Comes'

“The diversity of this release is what I love the most; it’s interesting to see which direction some Witch House music is going nowadays. My favorite track on this album is ‘It Comes’, which was the first track that drew my attention to this release. Drifting through ambient and very experimental sounds, this record takes some unexpected turns. At times, it even goes full synthwave with strong Vice City vibes.”



Overdose EP [Trust Collective]

Favorite track: 'Bring Me To My Knees'

"These dirty industrial vibes make up a pretty solid EP in my opinion. My favorite track is ‘Bring me to my knees.' It takes me through a deserted world, but there is still a groove in it. I also like ‘Dry Heaving’, which gives me heavy Terminator vibes. The whole release felt like a travel through time and the unknown, and, from the beginning to the end, I kept getting pulled into it." 



Don’t Run From The Fire EP [Synth Religion]

Favorite track: 'Don’t Run From The Fire'

"Love this duo from Paris. I discovered this release last month and immediately knew I would give it a place in my top 5 November selections. The opening track ‘Don’t Run From The Fire’ is also my favorite one, even though I really like ‘Lovers Of The Night’ too! It’s a fine selection of great Industrial tracks with unique vocals. I can’t wait to play these tracks in a club. Sadly, it will take a while for that to happen…"



2020 [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'GLASS COFFIN PART 2'[with Brothel & Prgtry]

"Huge shoutout to Jake for creating his very own sound and assuredly delivering each year. I know and follow his music for a very long time now and that unique “spooky” feel is what keeps mesmerizing me. This is a compilation of all the singles he has released in 2020, some of which will be featured on the new album he’s working on. I chose ‘Glass Coffin Part 2’ as my favorite track on this release, because I have ‘Glass Coffin Part 1’ on tape from a few years ago, and I keep thinking about the train sounds/night vibe this track always had. Glad this theme is still going strong."



Der Puls Durch Die Schläfen EP [n-PLEX]

Favorite track: 'Der Wind Um Meine Waden'

"And finally, a duo from Berlin is in the first place with this insane release. It’s industrial, broken, distorted, and yet still groovy. Listening to some of the tunes gives me the feeling that I can just close my eyes, get lost in the vibe, and dance away these weird times. My favorite track is ‘Der Wind Um Meine Waden’; it starts off quite subtle, later followed by an extremely dirty bassline that brings all the elements together. I really liked ‘Der Klang Der Trommel’ too; it’s very destructive and chaotic. I can imagine how you could catch a crowd by surprise with this crazy tune."



Nocturne EP [MALöR Records]

Favorite track: 'Pascas'

"When a track has got me dancing in my room within 10 seconds, I know it’s good. That was exactly the case when I put on this EP for the first time. The tracks have got that sexy summer vibe, with all the right ingredients to make your hips swing. On his SoundCloud page, Glimm Gallop stated: ‘Life’s too short for slow music, feel the gallop and free your hips’, and I couldn’t agree more."



Oktober EP [SRIE Records]

Favorite track: 'Oktober'

"Axling is a Swedish hypnotic, minimal sci-fi techno DJ/producer. I think I discovered him in one of Oscar Mulero’s sets, and since that moment I have been a big fan of his music. This EP was released on SRIE Records, a label from Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you like this kind of sci-fi techno, you should definitely check the other releases on the imprint!"



Coesione EP [Antiterra ]

Favorite track: 'Molecola'

"Coesione EP was released on Antiterra Records, a cool label from Naples, Italy. Antiterra is a theoretical planet in the Solar System, which shares its orbit with earth and is constantly eclipsed by the sun. Its hypothetical nature makes it an alternate world with countless possibilities. Antiterra Records takes inspiration from this concept to translate these sceneries into sound. When you listen to this EP, you will understand why Divide and Antiterra Records are a good combination!"



Jorianna EP [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'Hang on to Your Man'

"The tracks on this house EP are not something that I would typically play in my sets, although I do really like them and I think they are super catchy. What really grabbed my attention, is the old-school sound of the synths."



Petrichor EP [Syn Syn]

Favorite track: 'Petrichor Part One'

"Alloy Sea is a new project by Mor Elian. Petrichor EP was released on Syn Syn, a new sub-label of Fever AM, which they founded together with Rhyw. No four-to-the-floor dance material, but rhythmic, atmospheric, bass-driven textures. I really love the dreamy, flowing vibe, and all the interesting elements. This EP also contains a continuous mix of the four tracks, so put on your headphones and dream away."

French II


The Passenger EP [3024]

Favorite track: 'Tracksuit Dub' 

"Two of my favorite artists combined on a label I seriously adore. I used to play the 170/85 stuff a lot back in the days and seeing Om Unit and Martyn blend their signature sounds really tickles my senses. Actually, I like all the tracks on the EP but the ‘Tracksuit Dub’ is def my favorite riddem. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m feeling Martyn drums with an Om Unit lead on top of it, can’t figure out who did the bass but I guess also Om Unit. Likeeeeeee”

INVERTED AUDIO · Martyn & Om Unit - Tracksuit Dub [3024]


Pre-order the release on Bandcamp.



Waves EP [Gobstopper Records]

Favorite track: 'Ultra'

“This is the first time I stumbled upon London producer Hagan. The gripping percussive groves in this EP never fail to make you wanna dance. Waves is a really well-produced record where Hagan merges different styles to his own liking. But ‘Ultra’ is the one for me. What a tune!! Really curious about what Hagan’s got in store in the future. Definitely keep an eye on this fella!”



The Lockdown Trax EP [Self-released]

Favorite track: 'S.M.W.Y.D (Show Me What You Do)'

'“Rave crew are you ready!? If you like breakbeat and classic old school synths, you can’t miss out on this release. Listening to it, it’s easy to imagine yourself at a proper UK rave; sweating, dancing, and hyping up the people who are dancing around you. Really have to thank Bailey Ibbs for this one. It was quite hard to pick a favorite track because each tune hits the spot on this release.”



Blocked EP [Shall Not Fade]

Favorite track: 'Blocked'

“Needless to say, it’s big when Killa P is on it. This one is ridiculous! Marvelous beat by Soul Mass Transit System.”



LCR003 EP [Le Chatroom]

Favorite track: Mala Femmina - 'Ruff'

“A percussion-heavy EP by Le Chatroom London. There are four originals and a remix of my favorite track in this compilation. Mala Femmina aka DJ Tess caught my attention a few months ago with some really solid releases. The tune she made for this compilation is one of those I could play at every set, a great transitional track!”