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Photography by Suzanne Waijers

February Picks by Draaimolen Agency

Picking up where we left off; Bandcamp decided to continue with Bandcamp Fridays for at least a few months, so we hop on the bus again. Therefore we asked our Draaimolen Agency residents again to share their favorite releases of last month!



Sqala EP

Favorite track: 'Sqala 3 (Donato Dozzy remix)'

“Sqala EP was released on Tikita, a record label from Casablana, Morocco. Label-curator Karim steps forward for the first time with his own productions on the label, in collaboration with his close friend Amandra. They invited some of their favorite producers to give the original tracks a deep techno twist. Tikita is focusing on music for the Body & Mind, and you can definitely hear this when you listen to Sqala EP. My favorite track is the Dozzy remix. Its deep, but dreamy hypnotic melody in combination with the subtle, but penetrating rhythm really takes me to another planet.” 




Favorite track: ‘Kekusimbe’

“Nilotika Cultural Ensemble is a spiritually driven, art-based community organization in Kampala, Uganda. Nilotika consists of seven drummers, under the leadership of Jajja Kalanda. The first track, Ejokawulida, is based on rhythms of Iteso traditional music from the eastern part of Uganda, whilst Kekusimbe is inspired by a variant of Bugandan traditional music called Bakisiimba.'' 



New Dawn

Favorite track: 'New Down'

"New Dawn EP is the Figure premiere of Japanese artist Wata Igarashi. I’m a big fan of his productions and sets, as he has really developed his own signature sound. His music is euphoric, psychedelic, trippy and deep, and in my perspective perfectly designed for the dance floor. New Dawn is my favorite track, because I love the dreamy, psychedelic arp synth and the driving acidic bassline." 

French II



Synthetic Nixon EP

Favorite track: 'Lokus' 

“This EP is so good, actually all the Holding Hands releases are stunning I must say. The last Adam Pits release on there is a must listen! I chose 'Lokus' as my favorite track of the EP but you definitely should check out the whole thing. I love to play out some DSC tunes in the club sometime, his low end mix is always so tight.” 


You've Got the Whole Night to Go EP

Favorite track: 'I Won't Forget'

“A great diverse EP by Logic1000. Logic is really becoming a superstar in the scene, she's got a great feel of mixing pop influences with underground music. 'I won't Forget' gives me goosebumps, the 90's like vocal and ongoing breakbeat pattern with the her trademark bassline makes it a super fun tune. The reese bass that kicks in at the end gives it the extra mile.” 


Feel It

Favorite track: 'Side One''

“Banging!!! one of my favorite releases atm. Jubley (a really nice lad ;) ) comes in with a banging 3 track EP. I actually play all three of them because they're so hot! 'Side one' is my favorite tune because of the vocal snip before the break and the vocal chops as lead, so much fun.”




The One Hundred & Forty Faces Of​.​.​. [KKJ003]

Favorite track: 'Responsible Liability' 

“This insane release caught my attention because it is a very sick combination of Trap sounds, Dub, Early Dubstep and Punk. 
Very notable so I put this one on the nr. 3 spot of my top 3.
 My fav track is ‘’Responsible Liability’’, this one has all of it together and in my opinion this one stands out the most in terms of recognizable sound. 
So, you like a shady artist with a crazy back story from Australia? And you like obscure adventures? You might like this release a lot.


Tails of the unexpected (Pulse state records) BIG Compilation

Favorite track: '4TRCCHBYK'

“Crazy 3 cd compilation by Pulse State Records!
 The physical cd’s are already sold out, but you can still get 'em digitally. 
First thing I noticed was that there are 33 tracks! And the combination of various backgrounds and genre’s in the electronic music spectrum are insane.
 From Acid sounds, breaks, Techno, Electro, footwork you name it, its all there!
 My fav tune was ‘’ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ - 4TRCCHBYK’’, No idea how you pronounce this but it speaks for itself.
 While checking all the tunes this one struck me and I instantly loved it, and it might be the reason I put this one on the 2nd spot for this month! 
It's also a compilation for Dogs trust, raising as much money to help out dogs in need.
 Solid reason to support them too!” 


Stem Sell

Favorite track: 'Humanoid - sT8818r (Plaid Remix)''

“This month was pretty solid with compilation releases, and lots of artist combined so you can discover new artists on this path too. 
Personally I love Plaid’s sound, and was stoked to see a huge compilation, pretty analog sounds in all varieties and shapes bring you a enjoyable release you can just turn on and enjoy for the next hour.
 My fav track is ‘’Humanoid - sT8818r (Plaid Remix) ‘’
I love the dirty electro vibes in this one, I was also thinking about the ‘’Dj Tennis - Chrality’’ Remix for my fav spot.
 I really wanna hear this one in a crazy set, a dark club and intimate dancing around me.

 I really hope you all like my picks, and it gave you some new names to checkout!