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Angel D’lite’s high-octane DJ sets are as sweet and colourful as the classic dessert of the same name. A committed crate digger, Angel D’lite mines classic rave, breakbeat and hardcore records and combines them with pop classics in fresh and unexpected ways, using an internal guidance system “powered by tiramisu, shell suit static and the gyrations of Jimmy Somerville’s hips”.

The south-east London DJ first emerged in 2017 under the name A Boy From Outer Space, and over the past few years has risen swiftly to become one of the capital’s most exciting new selectors. Angel D’lite last year released her debut EP, Dolphins Have Sex For Pleasure, a record that combined new age textures and ’90s euphoria with a cheeky helping of dolphin vocals.

TIME: 12:00 - 00:30
LOCATION: MOB Complex, Tilburg
AGE: 18+